Ball Triturator V-BM 100

The LITech Ball Triturator are used to pre-crush hard, medium-hard, hard-tough, brittle, fibrous & soft materials.

The ball triturator is essential for contract laboratories, industries and universities where hard, brittle, hard-tough, fibrous and soft materials need to be prepared for the following analysis.

Working principle

Crushing through collision and shearing action

Your benefits

  • High throughput
  • High crushing rate
  • High material fineness
  • Adjustable milling duration & vibration frequency
  • Grinding crushers available in different sizes / materials
  • Safe and easy handling
  • Easy to clean and simple access to grinding crusher
  • Dry-, wet- & cryogenic ginding possible
  • Mixing & Fusion possible
  • CE conform

Fields of application

Medicines, construction materials, grounds, chemicals, precious metals, electronic waste, ores, animal feed, cereal, glass, hair, wood, ceramic, bones, coal, coke, plastics, groceries, alloys, minerals, slag and many more.

Technical Data

  • Table ball titurator
Technische Daten

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