Trituradoras de mandíbulas

The Trituradoras de mandíbulas JC 100/200/300/350/400/500/600 are essential for contract laboratories, industry and universities where hard, tough and hard-tough materials are pre-crushed for the following pulverization process.

The LITech Trituradoras de mandíbulas are mainly used for pre-crushing extremely hard, medium-hard and hard-tough materials.

Working Principle

Crushing with pressure.

Your Benefits:

  • High throughput
  • High crushing rate
  • High material fineness
  • Adjustable gap width
  • Crushing jaw available in different materials
  • Secure and simple handling
  • Easy to clean and simple access to breaking chamber
  • Built-in version available
  • Combi-feeder / sample extraction / mill / screening – «custom-made» on request
  • CE conform

Field of application LITech Trituradoras de mandíbulas

Construction waste, bentonite, grounds, precious metals, ores, ferro alloys, Erze, glass, kaolin, catalysts, ceramic, brick, coal, coke, minerals, non-ferrous metals, slag and many more!

Technical Data

  • Table Trituradoras de mandíbulas
Technische Daten
Type JC 100 JC200 JC 300
Max.Aufgabe* <50mm <90mm <110mm
Endfeinheit* <2mm <2mm <2mm
Spalt 0-15mm 0-20mm 0-30mm
Durchsatz* ~100kg/h ~250kg/h ~500kg/h
Antrieb.* 1 / 3 phase 1 / 3 phase 3-phase
Antriebsleist. 1.1kW 3kW 4kW
Abmessung* 40x70x70cm 60x90x130cm 65x100x140cm
Gewicht* 120kg 240kg 350kg
CE-konform Ja Ja Ja
Maulweite 65x65mm 100x100mm 120x130mm
JC 350 JC 400 JC 500 JC 600
<110x225mm <170mm <175x255mm <175x355mm
<2mm <5mm <10mm <10mm
0-50mm 0-50mm 0-50mm 0-50mm
~750kg/h ~3t/h ~6t/h ~9t/h
3-phase 3-phase 3-phase 3-phase
7.5kW 7.5kW 11kW 15kW
60x70x110cm 70x105x145cm 75x140x100 150x100x175cm
650kg 650kg 1500kg 1800kg
Ja Ja Ja Ja
130x260mm 200x200mm 300x250mm 400x250mm

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